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Our Mission

The Luray Police Department is a dedicated team of professionals committed to the safety of our citizens by reducing crime through excellence in preventative, investigative and enforcement services to ensure the Town of Luray is a safe and desirable place to live, work or visit.


Our core values are Integrity, Courage, Service and Diversity.  We strive for excellence to provide the best in police services while setting a standard for leadership that others can follow.


Town of Luray, Virginia

PO Box 629   ::   45 East Main Street, Luray, VA 22835

Town Office: (540) 743-5511  ::  Events Calendar

                             Fax: (540) 743-1486

Keeping You Informed

In our efforts to be transparent with our Community Policing Efforts, beginning July 1, 2021, our Community Policing Statistics can be publicly here.


Chief C.S. “Bow” Cook

Chief Cook began his career as a patrol officer for four years with such success it led to being offered a position as an Investigator with the Page County Sheriff’s Office.


Chief Cook’s success and leadership qualities were quickly recognized and was promoted to Sergeant of Investigations and two years later as Lieutenant of Investigations.


Chief Cook’s continued success led to appointment of Captain of Investigations where he led a team of 12 highly trained Investigators including the drug task force for the next eight years.  More recently he served as the Assistant Chief of the Luray Police Department in 2015 until he was appointed as Chief of Police on January 1, 2016.  Chief Cook was selected for the highly sought after Forensic Science Academy where he obtained a certification as a Certified Forensic Crime Scene Investigator.


Photo Police Vehicle



Criminal Investigations Division

Our Criminal Investigations Division is comprised of the most experienced and highly trained detectives in the area including the only certified Forensic Crime Scene Investigator in the county.  They are responsible for investigating major criminal cases, assisting patrol officers with their cases when requested and frequently work with other local, state and federal agencies to bring criminal offenders to justice. Luray Police Department detectives serve our community by investigating serious felonies and misdemeanors including financial crimes, sexual assaults, crimes against children, narcotics violations, computer crime, death investigations including natural, accidental, suicide and homicide.  Luray Police Department is an Associate Member Agency of the Northern Virginia/DC Metro Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force and the Northwest Virginia Regional Drug Task Force.  Our Detectives are equipped and trained to respond to offenders who use the internet, online communication systems, or other computer technology to exploit children.  We believe that the drug abuse problem in our community extends to other crimes against persons and property, therefore our detectives will aggressively combat this drug problem by identifying individuals seeking to buy, sell or distribute controlled substances and bring them to justice in an effort to make Luray safer and reduce the number of overdoses that occur each year.

Patrol Division

We consider our patrol officers to be "Luray's Finest".  They are the most visible aspect of the department and are the "backbone", so to speak, of our law enforcement services.  Patrol Officers respond to calls of all types including vehicle accidents, domestic disputes, missing persons, cardiac arrests, alarms, shoplifting, and actively patrol for drunk drivers.  Patrol Officers work closely with our detectives to perform drug interdiction efforts along with other local, state, and federal agencies.  Our officers participate in local events sponsored by the Town of Luray to ensure the safety of our growing community.  Officers conduct property checks, walking patrol, bicycle patrols, counsel youth, and patrol our neighborhoods as part of our crime prevention efforts.

Crime Prevention

Luray Police Department is actively involved in crime prevention efforts within our community with a focus on educating our citizens.  We participate in community action groups such as TRIAD/SALT and PACA.  Through working with TRIAD, our goal is to reduce crime among our elderly and improve safety to enhance their quality of life.  We believe by assisting PACA, who is actively and effectively educating our youth in drug and alcohol prevention, bullying and violence prevention, we can reduce substance abuse and violence with our children.  Other efforts to help our community include the senior citizen call care list, property checks on residences and businesses, and security assessments.  Citizens and business owners can request security assessments on their places of business or residence to learn better how to secure their property, and make it a less desirable place for criminals to victimize.  Our department is dedicated to seeking new and better ways to prevent crime in our community and believes it is best accomplished by officers and citizens working together.



The Luray Police Department offers a "Call-Care" program for handicapped or elderly citizens. Registered citizens will receive regular telephone calls from the police department to check on their well-being. Luray citizens may print the application to apply for this service. Please return applications to the Luray Police Department at 45 East Main Street, P.O. Box 629, Luray, VA. 22835 to apply for this service.




However, please remember the following safety tips:

- If you are walking, jogging or biking during low light conditions or after darkness, wear bright or reflective clothing.

-  Always stop before crossing a street.

- Bikes must have lights and reflectors after dark.

- Children under the age of 15 must wear a helmet while biking.

- If walking, jogging or biking at night, please have a friend with you.

- Bikes are not allowed on the sidewalks.



If you live in the Town of Luray and are experiencing any of these problems please call (540) 743-5343 for assistance.



Donna S. Pullen

Phone: (540) 743-5343  | E-mail



Chief of Police - C.S. “Bow” Cook

Phone: (540) 743-5343  |  Fax: (540) 743-7334



Captain Michael R. Wagoner

Phone: (540) 843-5402  |  E-mail


Lieutenant Lonnie W. Foster Jr.

Phone: (540) 743-5343  |  E-mail


Sergeant Nathan R. Dofflemyer

Phone: (540) 743-5343  |  E-mail


Sergeant W. Nathan Fadeley

Phone: (540) 743-5343  |  E-mail


Detective W. Allen Smoot

Phone: (540) 743-5343  |  E-mail


TFO Detective Corey A. Seal

Phone: (540) 743-5343  |  E-mail


Patrolman Jeffery A. Jenkins

Phone: (540) 743-5343  |  E-mail


Patrolman Joshua A. Seal

Phone: (540) 743-5343  |  E-mail 


Patrolman Brandon S. Henson

Phone: (540) 743-5343  |  E-mail


Patrolman Dustin T. Painter

Phone: (540) 743-5343  |  E-mail


Patrolman Robert D. Jenkins

Phone: (540) 743-5343 | Email


Patrolman James T. Long II

Phone: (540) 743-5343 | Email










Patrolman Nathan W. Baugher

Phone: (540) 743-5343 |  E-mail


Patrolman Russell Montgomery

Phone: (540) 743-5343


Patrolman Brianna M. Good

Phone: (540) 743-5343  | E-mail


Patrolman Joshua R. Kopp

Phone: (540) 743-5343  |  E-mail


Patrolman M. Casey Bryant

Phone: (540) 743-5343 | Email


Patrolman Michael L. Sessler

Phone: (540) 743-5343


Patrolman Anthony J. Lowery

Phone: (540) 743-5343  | E-mail


Patrolman Jeremiah D. Duley

Phone: (540) 743-5343 | E-mail


Patrolman Tyler D. Campbell

Phone: (540) 743-5343 | E-mail


Patrolman Zachary A. Tiller

Phone: (540) 743-5343 | E-mail


Patrolman Jared A. Thomas

Phone: (540) 743-5343  | E-mail


Patrolman Austin W. Clements

Phone: (540) 743-5343  | E-mail


Patrolman Anthony R. Cubbage

Phone: (540) 743-5343  | E-mail





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