Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I apply for a permit, license or employment?

Please visit the Forms and Application page at

What is the Brush Collection Schedule?

The Town of Luray provides a spring and fall brush pick-up service by appointment only. The collection dates are to be determined by management and will be advertised. Brush must be placed at the curb no later than 7 a.m. on your scheduled pick-up day. NO large items or other trash will be collected during these times. The Town will collect up to one pick-up load per residence. Please contact the Town Office at 540-743-5511 to schedule an appointment.

What is the Trash Pickup Schedule?

Day 1 Pickup – Wednesday

Neighborhood/Streets: Bixlers Ferry Road, Carillon Drive, Cole Street, Court Lane, Forest Hills Subdivision, N/S Hawksbill Street, Highland Court, Hilltop Lane, Hudson Subdivision, Jackson Street, Jordan Street, Leaksville Road, Lee Street, Meade Street, Mechanic Street, Memorial Drive, North Bank Street, North Broad Street, N/S Court Street, Planning Mill Road, Rosser Drive, Ruffner House, Stover Street, Virginia Avenue, West Main Street, Willow Street

Pickup Dates for 2020: December 31st(Tuesday pickup this time) January 15th & 29th ; February 12th & 26th; March 11th & 25th ; April 8th& 22nd; May 6th & 20th ; June 3rd & 17th; July 1st & 15th & 29th ; August 12th & 26th ; September 9th & 23rd, October 7th & 21st ; November 4th& 18th ; December 2nd , 16th & 30th

Day 2 Pickup – Thursday

Neighborhood/Streets: Amiss Avenue, Bartlett Avenue, Berrey Blvd, Big Spring Street, Blue Ridge Avenue, Bristol Avenue, Cave Street, Cave Hill Road, Cliffside Drive, Cottage Drive, N & S Deford Avenue, East Main Street (portion), East Page Street, Garfield Avenue, Hawksbill Heights Drive, High Street, Hillcrest Drive, Inn Circle, Jamison Road, Linden Avenue, Luray Avenue (1st St-Amiss Ave), Park Lane, Spring Street, Terrace Lane, Thomas St, West Lu Subdivision, Wilson Avenue, Woodland Park Drive, Yagers Road, Zerkel Street

Pickup Dates for 2020: January 2nd & 16th & 30th ; February 13th & 27th ; March 12th & 26th; April 9th & 23rd; May 7th & 21st; June 4th & 18

Day 3 Pickup – Wednesday

Neighborhood/Streets: Antioch Road, Brookside Subdivision, Charles Street, Constitution Avenue, Creekside Drive, Cumbia Avenue, East Main Street (portion), East Ridge Lane, Eden Road, Fairview Road, Hilldale Subdivision, Hilltop Drive, Hite’s Spring Road, Painter Street, Independence Avenue, Lawler Avenue, Lewis Street, Moyer Avenue, Mt. View Avenue, Sharma Lane, Springview Subdivision, Stony Brook Lane

Pickup Dates for 2020: January 8th & 22nd, February 5th, & 19th ; March 4th & 18th; April 1st, 15th & 29th; May 13th & 27th; June 10th & 24th;July 8th & 22nd; August 5th & 19th; September 2nd , 16th & 30th; October 14th & 28th; November 11th & 25th ; December 9th & 23rd

Day 4 Pickup – Thursday

Neighborhood/Streets: Boomfield, Brumback Avenue, Collins Avenue, Deerfield Drive, Grove Road, Luray Avenue (1st-RHD Park),Madison Lane, N/S Marye Lane, Massanutten Avenue, Meadow Lane, Moyer Street, Nelson Street, Oakcrest Drive, O’Flinn Street, Park Avenue, Reservoir Avenue, Rosser Street, Steed Street, Woodland Avenue

Pickup Dates for 2020: January 9th & 23rd; February 6th and 20th; March 5th & 19th; April 2nd , 16th & 30th; May 14th & 28th; June 11th & 25th; July 9th and 23rd; August 6th & 20th; September 3rd & 17th; October 1st, 15th & 29th; November 12th & 24th (Please note: November 24th is a Tuesday pickup) ; December 10th & 22nd (Please note: December 22nd is a Tuesday pickup)

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