Town Council Meeting:   2/13/17 - Work Session


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Call to Order/Pledge of Allegiance


Roll Call


Consent Agenda

          Consent Agenda Document  |  Town Council Meeting Minutes: 1.9.17  |  Town Council Meeting Minutes: WS: 1.24.17

          Financials:  Revenues Expenditures


General Citizens' Comments


Public Hearings


Departmental Reports:

         Public Safety & Emergency Services:  Calls for Service  |  Criminal Offenses Traffic Offenses  |  Individual Officers' Arrests

         Parks & Recreation: Council Report Sports Rack Card Proof  |  Town Events Rack Card Proof

         Public Works  |  Utilities  |  Planning & Zoning


Town-Affiliated Boards & Commissions:

       Luray-Downtown Initiative (LDI):  Brown Window Project: Request Window Decorating Ownership Agreement

        Luray-Page Chamber of Commerce


Updates & Discussion Items


Items for Town Council Action:  Commission & Committee Appointments


Town Attorney's Report


Executive Session (as needed)


Mayor's Announcements




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