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Town of Luray, Virginia

PO Box 629   ::   45 East Main Street, Luray, VA 22835

Town Office: (540) 743-5511  ::  West Main Bridge

                             Fax: (540) 743-1486

Lake ArrowheadPhoto of Lake Arrowhead

Located at: 265 Lake Arrowhead Road

Lake Arrowhead features 6 picnic shelters for rent  (Call 540-743-5511 for availability), fishing, white sand beach and swimming during the summer, ball field, volleyball nets, horseshoe pits, playground, 1 mile trail that circles the lake, and the Edwin Smith scout camping area.  NOTE: Lake Arrowhead is not a public campground except during specific events.  For more information, please call (540) 843-0770.  Registered Boy Scout Troops may reserve a Lake Arrowhead campground by submitting an application (available here) and submitting along with the $50 usage fee.

Lake Arrowhead Seasonal Schedule

Pre-Season Kickoff Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend *Open Memorial Day Weekend Only


Full Summer Season

June – August

     Summer Season Begins: June  (Summer Season opens the first weekend of summer break for Page County Public Schools)

     Summer Season Runs Thru: Late August (Summer Season closes last weekend before school resumes for Page County Public Schools)

     Summer Season Closes: Weekend before Page County Schools resume (August)


Special Weekend Re-Open:

Labor Day Weekend  *This is the final open weekend until the following year’s Pre-Season Memorial Day Kick-Off



Special Events

NEW in 2017:

Home of the Inaugural

Shenandoah Half Marathon!

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Home of the Luray Triathlon!

[Learn More Here.]

Image of Lake Arrowhead Map

Image of Lake Arrowhead Map

Lake Arrowhead Frequently Asked Questions


Q.  How do I rent a shelter at Lake Arrowhead or the Recreation Park, and how much do they cost?

A. The shelters are available for rent year round by calling the Luray Town Office at 540-743-5511.  The costs are as follows, Lake Arrowhead--  Small shelter: (30 people) $35.00, Medium shelter: (50 people) $40.00 Large shelter: (100 people) $45.00;  Rec Park shelter: (75 people) $45.00; Canoes are available for rent in half-hour increments for $4;  Kayaks are available for rent in half-hour increments for $5

Q.  Are dogs allowed at Lake Arrowhead?

A. Yes.  Leashed dogs are encouraged at the park; however, dogs are discouraged on the beach.

Q.  Are the shelters lighted?

A. Yes.  Each shelter is equipped with lights as well as equipped with electrical outlets.

Q.  Do shelters have electrical outlets?

A. Yes.  Shelters at Lake Arrowhead are equipped with electrical outlets.  Additionally, shelters are lighted.

Q. When is the Lake Arrowhead Beach open, and what are the costs?

A. The beach is open starting Memorial Day weekend, (weekends only) until school lets out, which is usually around June 15.  Then the beach is open 7 days a week thru Labor Day from 11 a.m. until 6 p.m.   The beach admission costs are: Ages 3-12: $2.00, Ages 13-18: $2.50, Ages 19 & up: $3.00

Q.  How late is the park open?

A.  Until sunset, 365 days per year.

Q.  Can we swim outside the roped off swimming area?

A.  Due to insurance issues, no.

Q.  Do I need fishing or boating permit to fish and boat at Lake Arrowhead?

A.  Fishing permits are required for anyone ages 16 and up.  Permits may be obtained from the Luray Town Office, Wal-Mart, and Fairview Grocery.   boating permits are required for all boats on Lake Arrowhead and can be obtained at same locations as fishing permits.




Fishing is one of Lake Arrowhead's most popular activities. With a wide variety of fish and idealic scenery, Lake Arrowhead provides exceptional opportunities for fishermen. When it comes to stocking Lake Arrowhead, Channel Catfish is stocked in Lake Arrowhead around October, annually, by the District Game and Inland Fisheries. These fish are typically ten to twelve inches in length. The amount of fish stocked is relative to the size of the lake and is consistent with other similarly-sized lakes throughout the area.


Lake Arrowhead may, in the future, opt to receive an additional stock of Catfish beyond the current amount. Also found in Lake Arrowhead are Northern Pike. These fish have received fewer stockings from the DGIF over the last two seasons. Due to production problems, the DGIF had to reduce its July stockings of Northern Pike. When stocked as scheduled, these fish are typically three to four inches in length and provide an additional species for fishing.


Because these fish do not reproduce within the lake, exceptionally high numbers are not expected for Pike at any time. As a panfish population fishery, Lake Arrowhead also holds Bluegill, Bass, Crappie, Tiger, Perch, and Walleye varieties.  The lake is stocked annually by the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries. Bi-annually they (DGIF) come and shock the lake. This process causes the fish to be stunned and rise to the surface. Once they surface, they weigh, check for health of fish, check species amounts, measure and such. This is how they formulate their stocking rates and timing. The lake is a pan fish population and holds Bluegill, Crappie, Perch, Walleye, Catfish and the like. The lake is too eutrophic to support a Trout population. Usually when we shock the lake, fish are moved to Cave Pond to help keep that pond as well stocked as we can.


There are several fish attractors in the middle of the lake that are essentially 3 pallets shaped in a triangular fashion with cedar trees protruding from them. These are designed to provide cover for small fish as they grow.


All that being said… (Lake Arrowhead) is stocked annually by DGIF at the generic rate that they use for all of their inland fisheries.



The Town of Luray offers night cat fishing at Lake Arrowhead throughout summer months. The park will be open each second and fourth Friday nights of the month until midnight, April thru October.  Fishing permits are required and are available for ages 16 and up. For more info contact the Parks and Recreation Department at 540-843-0770.



Fishing permits are required only for persons ages 16 and up.  Permits may be obtained at the Luray Town Office, Wal-Mart, and Fairview Grocery.



Additional Info: What you need to know

DO NOT FEED BREAD TO OUR WATERFOWL. Image of Duck Feeding SignHelp us Keep Our Ducks & Geese Healthy!

Bread is very dangerous for our feathered friends around our town.  Please read about why it is so very important to keep from feeding bread to our ducks and geese.


Click here for important information





Thanks to a generous donation by Dr. Ben Hanson of the Luray Triathlon, we are pleased to provide wi-fi service at Lake Arrowhead.

Ralph H. Dean Recreation Park

Located at: 625 Sixth Street

Ralph H. Dean Recreation Park is open from dawn until dusk and features:

  • 5 fields for Softball/Baseball
  • Football Field
  • Soccer Field
  • Field Availability is listed on the park’s entrance gate
  • 2 concession stands open during most games
  • Imagination Station Playground
  • Skate Park
  • 20 Station Fitness Trail
  • Frisbee Golf Course
  • 2 Picnic shelters for rent, $45 per shelter, per day (Call 540-743-5511 for availability)




Q.  How do I rent a ball field at Ralph H. Dean Park?

A. To rent a ball field at the Ralph H. Dean Recreation Park, please refer to the forms and Applications Page. Scroll down to the Ralph H. Dean Recreation Park League Usage Section and choose the appropriate form. Please note, these forms are approved on a first come, first serve basis and are strictly adhered to. Local leagues are given priority consideration.


Q. How do I know if ball games are cancelled at the Ralph H. Dean Recreation Park?

A. There is a large sign on the Ralph H. Dean Recreation Park’s entrance gate that indicates which fields are suitable and safe for play and are updated on a daily basis. Please note, during times of inclement weather, The Town of Luray Parks and Recreation Staff has the right to stop any and all play if we deem conditions are unsafe for play and/or would do detrimental damage to the grounds.



Hawksbill Greenway Photo of Hawksbill Greenway

Visit Our Website!

The Hawksbill trail length is approx. 2 mi. from start to finish.  There are 1/10 mile dots centered in trail so you can measure your distance traveled!  By installing these markers, trail users are able to enter the trail at any point.      See our Greenway Map with Distance Markers.

Pocket Parks along the Greenway trail 


Ruffner Plaza: features picnic areas, pergola with swings, murals, and summer concerts

14 South Hawksbill Street


Cliffside Pocket Park: features shaded picnic areas and a pet friendly drinking fountain

175 South Hawksbill Street

Map of Hawksbill Greenway


Learn about the types of trees and shrubs you'll find at the Hawksbill Greenway



Luray Pocket Parks

Image of Pole Banner for Slye Pocket ParkSlye Pocket Park

Located at: 61 East Main Street

Slye Pocket park features a shaded picnic area.







Image of Pole Banner for Inn Lawn Pocket ParkInn Lawn Park Information

Located at: 103 Zerkel Street

Inn Lawn Park features a playground, gazebo, and picnic areas. It is conveniently located near the tennis courts and the Luray town Library.  This quiet, scenic area is a great place to relax and take in the view.







Photo of Cave Pond Park with Singing TowerImage of Pole Banner for Cave Pond Pocket ParkCave Pond Information 

Located at: 41 Carillon Drive

Cave Pond features picnic areas, trail that circles the pond, and offers catch and release fishing. Cave Pond is also conveniently located next to the Singing Tower. 41 Carillon Drive







Image of Pole Banner for Eugene Pocket ParkEugene Park Information

Located at: 55 Rosser Drive

Eugene Park features large, open grassy areas for play and a picnic shelter.









Image of Pole Banner for Cliffside Pocket ParkCliffside Pocket Park Information

Located at: 175 South Hawksbill Street

Cliffside Pocket Park is located along the Hawkbill Greenway Trail and features shaded picnic areas and a pet friendly drinking fountain.












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