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Hawksbill Greenway Information


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The Hawksbill trail length is approx. 2 mi. from start to finish.  There are 1/10 mile dots centered in trail so you can measure your distance traveled!




Pocket Parks along the Greenway trail:


Ruffner Plaza: features picnic areas, pergola with swings, murals, and summer concerts – 14 South Hawksbill Street


Cliffside Pocket Park: features shaded picnic areas and a pet friendly drinking fountain – 175 South Hawksbill Street




Learn what types of trees & shrubs you'll find at the Hawksbill Greenway

with our Guide to the Flowering Forest!


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Help us Keep Our Ducks & Geese Healthy!


Bread is very dangerous for our feathered friends around our town.


Please read about why it is so very important to keep from feeding bread to our ducks and geese.


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